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Annual Autumn Festival Sunday, October 10, 2010 11:00 a.m. Mass 12:00 p.m. Food service, Music, Dancing
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About Koraci

In the Croatian language, Koraci means steps, an allusion to both the steps one takes when dancing and the strides one has to make when climbing from one level to the next.

Our groups receive weekly instruction in dance and voice, part of a school-year-training season that prepares them for our annual performances.

Our program features choreographies by renowned choreographer Zeljko Jergan and includes Croatian dances from the reagions of Prigorje, Podravina, Slavonija, Zagorje, Medimurje and Bosna and Hercegovina.

Koraci is a non-profit organization, completely funded by donations and fundraising by the ensemble.

Our group's success relies on the combined efforts of our volunteer instructors, parents, benefactors and the Assumption of Mary Croatian Catholic Church.

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